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Can desert boots be worn only in the desert?

Views: 107     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-30      Origin: Site


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When talking about desert boots, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic image of all kinds of western movies. From the classic works to the recent hits, there are a lot of desert boots. Compared with fashion items, it should be said that it is a must-have item for straight men with a strong sense of genius. It will never be out of date. Desert boots are also a kind of military boots. Of course, we don't have to wear the "western" in daily life. In summer wear, printed shirts and jeans can be a good match with desert boots. If you want the image to be a little more formal, shirts and trousers are also a good choice. No matter which combination, the trousers of the trousers will be a plus item. This shows that the desert shoes are not only worn in the desert, but also can be worn daily.

Most of the heat we feel is hot and humid and the sweat is slimy.

Don't talk about wearing cotton boots, and the silky socks are too hot. But the heat of the desert climate is completely different. It is dry heat, the water is very easy to evaporate, and the source of heat is basically from direct sunlight. Therefore, people who go to the desert will not only wear exposed clothes, but will wrap their bodies in robes, because as long as the body does not receive direct sunlight, it will be much cooler. The thickness of the desert boots is to prevent heat transfer in the desert, because in the desert, you don't sweat very much, and the sweat will evaporate quickly. The heat from the inside to the outside is not important, but instead pays attention to the heat from the outside to the inside, because the surface temperature of the desert is much larger than the body temperature. Desert boots are undoubtedly a necessity to go to the desert.


In daily life, desert boots have become popular. Since most of the pants in the BOY wardrobe are mostly regular jeans, I recommend a boots that are best for wild clothes - desert boots 7271. And the shape of the desert boots looks textured and cool, so you can easily become a male god. In various street shootings in Europe and America, the silhouettes of desert boots can be seen everywhere. The style is between casual and fashionable, and the practicality is very high. After the improvement, it has launched a variety of timeless classic shoes that are durable and wearable. The leather uppers are made of anti-fur and leather, supplemented by the large sole of raw rubber, which greatly improves the characteristics of practicality and durability. So it's so popular.

As a must-have item, desert boots are not only a good match, but also make your overall look more interesting. In the choice of boots, it is recommended that the color should not be too light. The desert boots with a clean and simple design are practical and easy to wear, and they have an important position in the fashion circle that has changed in a season. Whether it's paired with jeans or khaki pants, it can show the man's masculine temperament. Desert boots are wear-resistant; the point is that whatever looks good, you don't have to worry about wearing them. Milforce not only sells desert boots, but also sells various jungle boots, office shoes and so on.


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