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American market style Ⅳ - Oxford office shoes

Views: 408     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-21      Origin: Site


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Today is to introduce another popular shoe in the US market - Office shoes, or Uniform shoes/Oxford shoes.

Just as the military boots we introduced before. 

Office shoes also has his own customer base. 

As we all know, oxford shoes and suits are the best partner, your manager may have 50 suits, but only 2 pairs of office shoes. 

The black office shoes can be paired with a variety of dark suits, and the patterned oxford shoes are perfect for casual suits. 

The black classic oxford shoes is the best choice for meetings.

In addition, you may have seen white office shoes, white shoes with a white suit, at the wedding and the ball, the elegant white suit makes you more popular with women.

1207-2 milforce office shoes                        1212-2 milforce office shoes

In the aristocratic times, this kind of shoes was very popular. 

Today, the improvement of materials and craftsmanship has made him still popular in the US market. 

The traditional oxford shoes is a seaming process. 

In the past, there was no glue, no machine shoes, and gentlemen and nobles wore hand-stitched leather shoes. 

This tradition continues to this day. 

So far, the elite class still loves to wear handmade stitching shoes. 

The sole of a traditional stitching craft shoe is generally a leather sole.

1278-6 milforce office shoes      1206 底3-6 milforce office shoes

Most of the current office shoes use a glued process. 

Compared with the seam, the cost of the adhesive shoe is lower and the production cycle is shorter. 

The upper is made of different quality leather, and the sole is rubber sole. 

Compared with traditional handmade leather shoes, the rubber sole is more wear-resistant and light. 

It is very suitable for white-collar workers who need to wear him by subway and walk the streets every day.

It is a daily commute. 

1267 2-6         1208 3-2

Office shoes are generally made of genuine leather. 

According to the quality of the skin, it is divided into the top layer and the second layer. 

The quality of the top layer is better, soft and comfortable, and the price is higher than the two layers. 

The surface of the skin of office shoes needs to be specially treated, and some leathers are processed into High gloss, which is conspicuous and eye-catching in a bright environment.


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