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American market style Ⅲ - Outdoor boots

Views: 426     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-14      Origin: Site


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Several kinds of boots introduced before are very popular in American market. 

As well as known, military boots culture has notable characteristics in USA. 

The whole world knows Americans love sports, just like hiking, running, outdoor sports... 

In the outdoor sports equipment, a pair of good outdoor military boots can bring you a lot of protection and convenience.


American hikers often encounter such problems: long walks make the feet heavy, some parts will be blistered. 

Unsuitable walking shoes will make the sport more unbearable.  

A good pair of hiking shoes should have the following three conditions: lightweight, non-slip and as soft as possible soles; breathable and comfortable upper material; a design fit foot style.

4130-2 milforce military tactical boots

The material usually used sole for hiker shoes is the eva. 

Compared with rubber, it has better shock absorption effect, and the weight is lighter, which makes the walking people more comfortable. 

In terms of wear resistance, eva is a little worse than rubber. 

In order to maximize the sole, MD sole that made of EVA+Rubber is the best choice for many hiking shoes.

7112-6 milforce army desert boots

The fabric of outdoor shoes is genuine leather + breathable fabric, the anti-tear effect of the leather is very good, and has a certain waterproof function. 

The function of the breathable fabric is to allow air to circulate freely in the shoe and keep the feet dry. 

The different combinations of these two fabrics determine the environment in which the boots are suitable for use. 

Outdoor shoes with more leather are suitable for uneven mountain roads, while shoes with soft fabrics are suitable for flat urban roads.

7111-2 milforce military desert boots

In general, such travel boots and climbing boots have high-top and low-boot styles. 

High-top boots are better enough to protect the ankles, but low-top boots are more flexible. You can choose according to your needs. 

The outdoor environment in the United States requires boots to have adequate protection functions such as puncture prevention, anti-skid, etc. 

In addition, the boots are designed to fit the American foot, and the size options are wide and narrow. 

The details of a good pair of durable boots must be good enough.

4129-2 milforce army tactical boots


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