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American market style Ⅰ - Coyote Boots

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There have been various types of functional military boots in the history of military boots. 

They are specially designed for wet boots, Tactical boots for Low temp, which have thick wool inside and are suitable for use in complex and uneven ground environments. 

Steel head anti-puncture tactical boots... Today is a military boot suitable for wearing in a temperate climate - coyote desert boots.

7270-2 milforce desert boots

Desert boots are a kind of military boots that we all know. Coyote boots are a kind of desert boots, and the characteristics of the desert boots are obvious, lighter, and the breathability and wear resistance have risen to a level. Because of his characteristics, he has also become: Hot weather boots, ranger boots.

We can take a closer look at the more representative milforce Hot weather Boots, their colors are deep and shallow, you can choose the right color according to the requirements of the environment. 

Their uppers are ultra-thin breathable suede leather and ultra-thin tear-resistant nylon fabrics. Some models have special venting holes near the soles, making them ideal for use in exceptionally hot climates. 

7273-2 milforce dersert boots

Most of the coyote desert boots are made of ultra-light MD soles, non-slip wear-resistant lightweight rubber on the outsole, and shock-absorbing EVA in the midsole. Both materials are light, with perfect traction and excellent support. And comfort, can be worn in the wild or the garrison for a long time. 

In addition, this breathable and comfortable military boots also use a polyurethane insole to ensure that comfort does not decompose over time. Breathable, moisture wicking mesh lining keeps you cool in hot climates.

7266-2 milforce desert boots

Our ranger desert boots are zippered and lacing, and the zipper is very convenient, reducing the time of wear and tear. The top of the crocodile has a buckle that protects the zipper from sliding. The lacing coyotes are more leak-tight and prevent pebbles and dust from entering the inside of the boot. 

The design of the style provides plenty of room for the toe, and its specific heel shape locks the heel in place for better fit and comfort at the rear end of the boot. this supportive fit is ideal for those needing high mileage performance from their gear.

7284-2 milforce desert boots

Our military boots are all custom-made, as long as you reach our MOQ. Regarding the size and materials that can be requested by our salesperson, we will do our best to satisfy you, because we are a professional manufacturer of 22 years of military desert boots

Please believe us, you will definitely get the most satisfactory products!


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