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American market style Ⅱ - BOA system boots

Views: 552     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-11      Origin: Site


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The new military boots have many outstanding characteristics. 

Today we are going to introduce a kind of smart lacing system - BOA tactical combat military boots.

4288-2 milforce military tactical boots

This is a reform of the military boots. 

It is well known that most of the military boots use laces and zippers to keep them fixed on the feet and do not slide back and forth. 

The traditional method is firm and brings the inconvenient of wear and tear. So the BOA system is an innovation made on the basis of the traditional fixed method.

BOA system's core is the circular spin button in the middle, as we saw on the picture, it is about the size of your two nails, usually in the middle of the tongue, and of course there are exceptions, 4219 The sporty commuter shoes are on the outside of the vamp. 

We can see that the spin button is connected to the black wire, which passes through the special boa eye let’s to form a system that can be tightened. 

When you need to wear commander military boots, you need to pull the button out forcefully so that the thread can slide freely inside, you can easily loosen the shoe enough to put your 42-yard foot in, after that Adjust the position of the foot and you can tighten the shoelace: press the button to rotate to the right, the thin line will slowly tighten until you stop the rotation, in the process you will hear the "dada" of the gear rotation sound.

4129-2 milforce army tactical boots

So far, you must know more about the use of fast lacing system than anyone else, but his advantages may be doubled than you think. 

Obviously, this method is much more convenient than nylon laces. 

You don't have to spend time loosening the laces and tightening them. Just think about how to tie the bow.Turning the knob is enough, which saves you a lot of time to wear and tear. 

As you know, every second of the soldiers is precious.

7108-2 milforce desert boots

In addition, the black "line" laces you see in the BOA military boots are actually steel wires, which are much stronger than ordinary nylon laces and will not break easily. 

Remember that you saw“Mission Impossible"? Yes, at some special moments the wire can even be used as a weapon, which can happen not only in movies.

Last but not least, this fixing method is not easy to loosen. 

The police tactical boots with nylon laces will slip off after a long period of exercise, and you have to kneel and re-tighten it. This is not possible with military boots using the smart lacing system.

Milforce currently has 5 models of BOA system boots, black leather police boots, desert boots, sports low-top shoes, if necessary, you can look at the link from the picture, the quality does not have to worry, we are the manufacture of military boots has always been the most professional.

7288-2 milforce army desert boots


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