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Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is the world leading event that brings together the global defence and security sector to innovate and share knowledge. DSEI represents the entire supply chain on an unrivalled scale. DSEI 2019 will have five key sector-focused Zones: Air, Land, Naval, Security & Joint, all showcasing the latest equipment and systems.  

DSEI brings together the entire defence and security industry to source the latest equipment and systems, develop international relationships, and generate new business opportunities.DSEI 2019 looks to host over 1,600 exhibitors from over 40 international countries and is set to be the best yet. Visitors can enjoy a range of exciting showcases and demonstrations, visiting ships and world class speakers.

Exhibit at DSEI 2019 to develop relationships with an audience of over 35,000 including Defence Ministers, International Military and Armed Forces, key industry players and private sector companies.

Milforce has already participated in one session of DSEI exhibition since 2017. In 2019, milforce will still participate. The most important reason is that the professionalism of DSEI exhibition can bring high-quality customers to our company. And if customers are in the exhibition want to buy military boots, flying boots, jungle boots, tactical boots, customers across the country will have follow-up communication with sales staff in different regions, which can ensure the follow-up of the exhibition customers.

(↓ DSEI 2017)

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