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how to protect military boot

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Some combat boots are severely worn, which is not conducive fro military training. 

Frequent maintenance and unscientific storage can shorten the service life of combat boots.

Military boots should be used in a reasonable environment. The boot should be  avoided

water immersion during using it. Acids, alkalis, oils,collisions with sharp and hard

objects is not allowed. Also do not wear in high temperature environments for long periods

of time.

The leather surface of combat boots should be regularly maintained with shoe polish or

cream. If the surface of combat boots turns white.We can use a soft cloth dipped in vinegar

to gently wipe before applying shoe polish.

After soaking or getting damp, combat boots should not be exposed to sunlight or dried.

It should be quickly placed in a well ventilated and dry place to dry, and then immediately

wipe the shoe polish for maintenance.


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