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What's the difference between military boots?

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Everyone knows that the soldiers in the army are in high-intensity training every day. Military boots are for soldiers, also it is used during the war.

Military boots are made well and durable, it can completely protect soldier’s feet. It can give people a sense of upright and high-rise, also it looks very powerful.

That's why many people love military boots.

In terms of function, military boots can be divided into three categories, tropical boots, temperate boots and frigid boots. Tropical boots also is called desert boots. It mainly emphasizes keeping feet dry and improving comfort in high temperature environment. On the lining side, the material is single-layer Kodura fiber/special nylon cloth. Also the better material is super lining or quick-drying materials like coolmax. Outdoor custom tactical boots are the ancestors of tropical boots in some aspects, but the tactial boot make the speed of drying faster.

Temperate boots, emphasizing waterproof and breathability in humid and rainy tropical environments. It uses multi-purpose Gore-tex lining so that it can protect from water for 4 to 5 hours. It can be used in desert environment, but the comfort is not high. It is more suitable for multi-water environment and drivers. But it is not suitable for the environment where the water depth exceeds the upper. It is difficult protecting these boots from water in a short time after entering the water.

Cold-belt boots are based on warm-belt boots and it also has warmth retention. The boot is enough to cope with low temperature and ice melting water, but also more suitable for pilots. It can offer warm for the people who works at high altitude.

Milforce is a military factory with 20 years' experiences. We have our own design team.  

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