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What is the origin of the name of military tactical boots?

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How many men do not regard war as a fearful way, but a place of honor and promise? What is the most important equipment on the battlefield? The answer is military tactical boots. Either step on your own land or step on the enemy's land. Striking a thousand miles relies on military boots. Solemn military array also relies on military boots. Bismarck said: "The appearance of military boots and the footsteps of marching are powerful weapons of the army. “The name of the military tactical boots from this person. He can say such a direct statement; it seems that the iron and blood prime minister must be very valued for military boots. The fact is true. As a Prussian country with a military army, the culture of worshiping army culture is deeply rooted and has a reputation for military uniforms.

In the 1860s, Prussia was born with the first batch of military tactical boots, named brown long boots. During this period, other European powers such as the Russian army, the French army, and the British army also used long boots as standard military boots. A pair of soldiers, wearing military boots, squatting, rubbing friction, is full of handsome. Before this, in the long history of Europe, although leather boots have already appeared, most of them are rude and unsightly. Even in the United States at that time, military boots were ugly and rough. IN order to compete for better military boots, even a war has been triggered. It can be seen that it is important for military soldier to have a good pair of military tactical boots. After the German reunification, under the influence of Bismarck, the military tactical boots were paid more attention.

This trend has affected Europe and the United States and also affected the Qing Dynasty. Li Hong hang is known as the Eastern Bismarck. I know that Li Hong hang wanted to learn western, in the Westernization Movement, all aspects of teach the West, even the details of the military boots are not missed. Is it to show up with the iron and blood slaughter, indicating that we are a channel? In the middle and late 19th century, the Qing government organized the Westernization Movement to form a new army, and distributed low-waist military boots with yellow-brown leather. This is the first time that Chinese soldiers have put on Western-style military boots. In the thousands of years before this, the shoes worn by Chinese soldiers were mainly cloth shoes. A variety of cloth shoes are provided. The reason why safety shoes are chosen is related to the development of China's textile industry and animal husbandry from the perspective of economic conditions. As a textile country, a large number of shoes are distributed, the cost is low, and the output is sufficient. But if leather military boots are distributed, the output is insufficient and the cost is high.


In fact, although the Westernization Movement introduced Western-style military boots, the popularity is still a very long process. Germany opened the beginning of the standard military boots, and in the following two world wars, it was further developed. During the First World War, the Allied forces replaced the long-legged military boots with low-rise military boots and leggings. The advantage of this is that it is lighter and helps to travel long distances. Germany still insists on long-length military boots. Although the long-length military boots are heavy, they have better protection for the feet and can prevent the legs and feet from pain. This distinction is not absolute. There are still many officers of the Allied countries wearing long boots. During the Second World War, the Germans retained the officers' breeches and riding boots, and also retained the soldiers' black long boots. At the same time, it also distributed boots such as desert boots. In the latter part of the Second World War, military tactical boots were also frequently used in the elite troops of the Kuomintang army.


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