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US army has been introduced a camouflage boot by Rocky

Views: 2     Author: Barbara Schneider-Levy     Publish Time: 2018-04-10      Origin: http://footwearnews.com/2015/business/uncategorized/rocky-brands-coyote-brown-boot-army-34456/


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123 military boot

Rocky Brands, a footwear supplier to the military since World War II, is once again joining
forces with the U.S. Armed Forces. On July 1, the Nelsonville, Ohio-based company will
launch the Coyote Brown boot, designed to coordinate with the new Operational Camouflage
Pattern (OCP) being introduced by the Army.
Rocky will have the regulation-compliant Coyote Brown S2V boots available in military
Exchanges on July 1, with the Army to issue the boots in August. The new camouflage pattern
will not become standard issue until January 2016.
“Rocky takes great pride in the footwear we create for our men and women in uniform and consider
it a great honor to be a leader in the military footwear industry,” said MAJ. (Retired) Mark Dean,
VP of Rocky’s Commercial Military Division.
Rocky has increased production since the announcement of the new pattern and will continue
manufacturing the S2V’s at a fast pace as demand is expected to be high beyond August as
soldiers seek out commercial footwear options.
The boots feature high-walled Vibram 360-degree outsoles, Ankle Roll-Stop Stability technology,
flash-and-water-resistant Coyote Brown leather, CORDURA side panels and S2V Sieve
“Walk It Dry” technology that directs water out of the boots as one walks. In addition to the
soft-toe S2V, Rocky will also offer safety-toe and insulated versions.


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