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The attractive military boots recommended by the "descendants of the sun"

Views: 126     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-07      Origin: Site


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Descendants of the sunis the romantic love story of the Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki),who is the captain of a South Korean Special Forces unit and the surgeon Dr. Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) that happened in the journey between the South Korea and the police force area. The less product placements opportunities scared some TV stations away with the claim that the costumes for the man character in the military story is nothing but the military uniforms.

Military boots article with map 1-2

 However, the fans still can’t help falling in love with the “uniform temptation” because of the famous saying “the most attractive man is the one who is working seriously”. The camouflage element and the camo-designed clothes are the indispensable parts of the military style. You must die for the similar attractive military boots when seeing Song Joong-ki lacing up Song Hye-kyo’s shoes.

Military boots article with map 1-1


If you have such needs, then our company’s attractive military shoes can just fit you requirement.

Look at this pair of army desert boots (model#7211) product from our company, which similar to Song Joong-ki.

7211-2 milforce desert boots

It’s upper is slap-up Suede cow leather and Tear proof nylon, the classic style is Beautiful and generous, lining made of Breathable and Antibacterial mesh to keep the foot comfortable. Another, PU insoles are removable and easy clean.

In the TV-series, Song Joong-ki experienced many battles and went to many places with serious terrain, which requires the army desert shoes on the feet to have reliable quality and powerful combat capabilities. our boots use Molded constructions connect the upper and the solewhich make the shoes very firm and could against 300°temperature, fitting for most harsh environment. Its rubber out sole is Non-slip also has self-cleaning function, especially suitable for the desert area.


 6120-2 milforce military boots

Similarly, we also have the same female shoes. The following is the leather boots6120

This shoe is made of full leather. The classic joint style combined with embossed leather and glossy leather.  Looks Stylish and beautiful.

The whole shoes’ design is focused on comfort. The leather used on the upper is suede leather that is breathable and strong. Lining material is pure natural color of leather makes shoes comfortable and Upscale at the same time. Insole is made of EVA material covered antibacterial fabric, very soft and comfortable. By the way, Rubber out sole and Goodyear molding process also ensure the firmness of the shoes, slip resistance and wear resistance.


Who said the  boots military is the exclusive shoes for the soldier?!

Everyone can choose different styles of the shoes military to show the charm and personality!

Let’s take a shot!



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