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Professional and fashion military boots - Milforce 7279 desert boots

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Today, combat boots have evolved from the battle partners who accompany the soldiers to the Quartet to become the fashion equipment of the trend. More and more people are choosing to wear their military boots in their daily lives to add their own fashion. Of course, good combat boots can't lose the fighting elements it originally contained for fashion reasons. After all, the main purpose of combat boots is to help military and police personnel to win the battle, but if you can meet the needs of everyday wear while professional, then it is even better.

7279-6 milforce desert boots

Milforce's 7279 desert boots are such a pair of all-around military boots.

7279-3 milforce desert boots7279-4 milforce desert boots

The first is the appearance, the color of this desert boots is deeper Coyote, from the tactical point of view, the upper part of the boots uses 5 pairs of fully enclosed plastic quick buckle, the lower part is the weaving serial port. In the actual use process, the quick release effect is quite satisfactory, and there are also reasons why the laces are relatively smooth. The tongue has an integrated design with a large opening for easy wear and tear. And if the shoelace is tightened when actually wearing it, the closing effect of the upper end of the boot is very good, no foreign matter can enter, and the comfort can be guaranteed. There is a V-shaped support at the heel of the shoe, and the shape of the adduct at the heel of the boot is not easy to separate the shoe from the foot. 

The inside of the boot is a sandwich mesh, and the upper end is made of LYCRA lining. The feel is very good. Actually, the calf does not feel worn, and it fits the calf very well. 

7279-7 milforce desert boots

The midsole uses a 1200N bulletproof cloth to prevent puncture of the bottom plate. According to the display of the tag, the anti-puncture effect is still available. The insole I have been wearing for a while and it feels very good. It is an antibacterial wicking and breathable high-elastic boot pad with a thickened design on the soles of the feet and heels. For this pair of insoles, my feeling is a word, soft. When I received these boots, I didn't have much hope for comfort because of their mighty shape and seemingly traditional combat boots. But when I actually put it on, my opinion was completely subverted. Let's just say that the tactical boots wearing milforce feel like stepping on the soft land. Of course, the feeling of the foot is not only the reason of the insole, but also the factors of the outsole and the midsole, but the insole can be said to be in the middle. A big part of it works. In addition, the breathability of the insole is also very good, and the sweating phenomenon is not particularly serious in hot weather.

The rear side of the upper is designed with a lifting ring for the purpose of wearing shoes, and stitching is strengthened to ensure reliability. It is very convenient in the actual use process. Unlike the black model, the wolf brown combat boots are made of imported full-grain top layer flexible cowhide, but not smooth leather, but suede. There is a problem with the suede shoes, that is, the distance is good, the close-up is particularly dirty, and it is really easy to get dirty, even if a drop of sweat falls on the upper, it will leave traces. Another problem is that it is not easy to clean, not to touch the water, unlike the black one, it is better  to wipe it with a damp cloth. The cleaning method of suede skin can be searched on the Internet by yourself. If it is just a simple cleaning, it is recommended to handle the wipes. Due to the conspicuous wolf brown color, these boots are very good in texture and can be used not only for tactical purposes, but also for everyday use. If you are shopping, you can also attract the attention of others. This color is also easy to wear with clothes, and it is very nice to look at with blue jeans or light overalls.

7279-5 milforce desert boots

The design of the sole is relatively simple. Considering the drainage and anti-slip wear resistance, the middle section is designed with a cable drop groove. I personally feel that these boots are more suitable for outdoor scenes. They are not suitable indoors. These boots are also non-slip on the tile floor. The sound-absorbing walking effect in the room is also very good, and the foot feel is not hard. The boots are squeaky like leather shoes. Due to the special design of the sole, the gap is relatively large, and it is easy to clean up. It can be solved with a brush.

To sum up, the pair of 7279 combat boots have a smooth shape and are good for both outdoor and urban use. They can basically adapt to the whole scene, and the breathable comfort is comparable to the traditional combat boots. Although it is an 8-inch high-top boot, it does not have a particularly strong sense of restraint and fatigue when worn for a long time. It can better meet the needs of law enforcement personnel. The appearance is not as serious as the general military boots, and it is perfectly matched with everyday clothing,you deserve to have.


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