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New design of SOG

Views: 1     Author: Alice     Publish Time: 2018-04-10      Origin: Site


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Famous cold weapon, utility knife makers SOG, launched a full length of 26 inches of the shovel recently. It is named Elite Entrenching Tool. The handle of army shovel made of nylon and glass fiber, the other part of shovel is made of steel.The army shovel for $74. 


SOG Always adheres to the creation of the world's best and most professional knives and tools. It makes SOG to be the first saber manufacturer which covers vast areas such as fold and unfold knife, multi-functional knife etc. All product are designed by the chief engineer “Spencer Frazer”, his patent invention and unique modern style won many awards for SOG, at the same time, it also makes Frazer to be one of great master in this line. Nowadays, SOG products are well-know all around the world with its top quality and occupy the global market.
Our company owns more than 30 years of experience in producing and designing military footwear. At present, we have created many new items of army boots. Such as combat boots, desert boots, tactical boots, ranger boots, police shoes, officer shoes, safety shoes etc. We will focus on the innovation of the design and functions in the future and give people better shoes experience. Try to be another SOG.


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