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Milforce star military boots, the official recommendation!

Views: 134     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-08      Origin: Site


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So far, our official website has 300+ difficult styles military boots, we have classified according to the characteristics of all products. The viewer can use the navigation bar on the left side of the page to select shoes. The navigation bar has a classification of military boots and a target market classification. Military boots are classified into: police boots, combat boots, desert boots, flying boots, etc. You can filter the styles you want according to your needs. The target market classification is a style recommended by the customer's purchase history according to the characteristics and preferences of the market, and can be used as a reference.

Our military boots have their own Amazon retail stores in addition to mass sales. Today I want to introduce some of the star products of milforce retail. They stand out in the milforce Amazon store and become the most worthwhile military boots for milforce.

The 4244 and 7106 models are the two best models sold in our black military boots and tactical desert boots. Two types of upper material are anti-stripping nylon cloth and leather, and the sole is non-slip rubber + EVA model sole. The 4244 tactical boots feature black shaved leather and a bright color. The zipper on the inside of the military boots makes it easier to put on and take off. The back side of the shoe also adds a groove design that increases friction and helps the soldiers climb. The leather used in the 7106 tactical boots for desert is a high-quality sand-colored fur, which is reinforced with a loop of stitching at the joint between the sole and the upper. The top hooks allow the laces to be fastened without the need to pass through the hole in the shoe. The back of the military boots is designed with a buckle that facilitates lifting, which greatly saves wear and tear time. The humanized details and excellent workmanship make these two boots a hot sale.

Next are our two recommended models: 4115 short black police boots and 7214 medium military sand desert boots. Black short-shoulder boots can be used as both commuter shoes and tactical boots. The two venting holes on the inside of the shoe keep the feet dry, the shock-absorbing EVA midsole adds comfort, and the smooth body lines and tactical details add extra points to the boots. The 7214's desert boot is a true 0-metal boot with an eyelet that is made of plastic and nylon thread and a zipper with a ykk nylon zip on the side. In terms of production, the rubber sole is more wear-resistant, and the rubber sheet on the back side of the heel also makes climbing easier. It is a very functional boot.

5217 pic

The last two star boots are the two new military boots from Milforce: the 5217 Black men's rubber jungle boots and the 7202 tactical military sand desert boots. These two new models have improved some details based on the classic styles of jungle boots and desert boots. The 5217 moved the venting hole in the middle to the front end, which helps the air circulation inside and outside the shoe. The sole part also improved the classic Panama rubber outsole, and the self-cleaning function and grip ability of the pattern are more powerful. The material also uses a more wear resistant rubber. The outstanding part of the 7202 is also the new sole. Unlike the previous composite MD sole, the midsole of the new sole has a larger coverage area, and the shock absorption and comfort are also better.

The above are several star products of milforce, welcome to our Amazon store.


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