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How to tie military boot laces?

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The raw materials of the shoelace are polyester, acrylic, polyester, etc. The most common one is polyester material, which is cheap, has strong pull-off force and is relatively resistant to dirt. Polyester cotton is also used more compared with others. The main function of the shoelace is to adjust the tightness of the shoe. Since the width of the foot plate and the thickness of the foot surface are constantly growing during the growth of the adolescent, it is necessary to pass the shoes with the laces to allow the foot to have sufficient space for development. The role of the shoelace is also a fashion decoration. Through the matching of the shoelaces, the shoes can be more varied and stylish.

There are many ways to tie your shoelaces. Let MILFORCE explain to you the most common methods of military boots.

Let MILFORCE introduce the method of cross method.

Firstly, Pass the shoelace head straight through the bottom and out through the underside of each shoe hole. Secondly, Cross the shoelace heads and then out through the other two shoe holes. Thirdly, repeat this process until the laces pass through the top two shoe holes. Whether the traditional simple comfort is wrinkled by the cross method, this method is a comfortable method that everyone likes, mainly because the intersection of the laces is just at the groove in the middle of the uppers, so it will not be squeezed.

Let MILFORCE introduce the method of Upper and lower method.

Firstly, Pass the shoelace head straight through the bottom and out through the top of each shoe hole. Secondly, the shoelace head crosses from below and passes out from the bottom to the second pair of shoe holes, and then reinserts the third pair of shoe holes from above. Thirdly, repeat this process until the laces pass through the top two shoe holes. The upper and lower method is wear resistant with decoration and convenience. If the shoe hole is a singular pair, the bottom of shoe should be worn from the bottom to the above to ensure that the shoelace is worn underneath when it is worn over the top pair of shoe holes.

Due to the progress of the times, our R&D department invented automatic laces. This product line is a one-handed system that is lightweight, fast and fine-tuned, stylish, safe and durable. The system and shoes are perfectly combined to improve adaptability and overall performance. The system has the advantage of one-handed fine adjustment at any time, accurate to 0.1mm, which can be easily adjusted to the appropriate tightness, greatly improving the comfort of the equipment. Once adjusted, the automatic lacing system will remain in this state. Whether in the mountains, on the training ground or at work, the features of the automatic lacing system allow you to quickly and easily open your gear in any state.

Athletes can adjust to the required tightness for a more comfortable experience. Rotating buttons can be mounted on the heel, tongue or the outer circumference of the shoe. Tailor-made straps are available for each pair of shoes for a safe and comfortable closure. The extended strap guides are evenly distributed, without pressure points, for the ultimate experience. This automatic strap is used in a variety of lightweight military boots. While the automatic lacing system is individually tailored for each unique piece of equipment and different applications, they all contain three integral parts which named a miniature adjustable knob, super lightweight laces and a low-friction lace guide. Each configuration is optimized to improve system accuracy, adaptability and control.


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