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How to match white office shoes? Let me tell you!

Views: 118     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-12      Origin: Site


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Do you know much about white office shoes? Today, let's talk about how to match and clean white office shoes. If you match and choose the right one, others will be full of praise.

How to match white office shoes Let me tell you!-banner

For general white office shoes, it is better for men to wear white suits. Of course, the upper body can wear other color clothes, but remember that the pants must be equipped with a light color, so that it is more beautiful, and can show taste. The white trousers are quite fashionable with a belt. When paired with white leather shoes, it is very gentleman and noble.

The white suit full body suit with white shoes will not go wrong. If you don't want to look too much like a formal dress, the choice of suit can be slightly changed. Choose a thin stripe or a white suit with a print is a good choice.

In addition to the formal dress, the beige jacket with dark casual pants or blue washed jeans will not look very awkward, the main point of this match is to avoid top-heavy, choose a light-colored top.

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White office shoes are generally very attractive, especially men. Women's office shoes are better matched, white women's shoes can be worn with any clothes, it is recommended to wear a set of orthodox clothes in white and black. Of course, jeans are also possible, but the general white shoes are nobler, so match a suit is the best choice.

According to everyone's experience, white boots are actually very troublesome to handle, not only easy to scratch, but also white leather shoes for a long time, easy to have wrinkles. In fact, white officer shoes are usually worn in indoor offices or when there are formal ceremonies outside. This kind of wearing environment makes the white shoes themselves less dirty.

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Remember, any cow leather office shoes must be cleaned and cared for before storage. We can wipe the dust on the upper and the platform with a suede cotton cloth or a dust-free cloth; if it is dirty, use a slightly damp Wipe the cotton back and forth, and take care after air drying.

However, because of its bright qualities, patent leather officer shoes are easy to look cheap if not properly maintained or scratched. In addition to paying attention to wear on weekdays, it should be carefully cleaned during the season changing. The leather shoes of the patent leather do not need to be coated with shoe polish. The shoe polish is easy to be atomized, which is even more difficult to care for. After using the non-woven fabric, the foam cleaner can be quickly and completely renewed. In addition, the patent leather is easy to dye, and it should be separated from the dark items. It is best to put the shoes into the non-woven fabric of the shoe box.

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White officer shoes are nobler than black officer shoes, but reasonable matching and care are also very important. Men's and women's different white office shoes style is also suitable for people of different traits, I hope everyone can find a style that suits them, rational mix, Promote strengths and avoid weaknesses.


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