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High-tech in Chinese military boots ②

Views: 224     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-03      Origin: Site


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The last article mentioned a high-tech in Chinese military boots: double-density rubber soles.

In fact, the high-tech of the 07-style military boots is more than this one.

Another technique for the sole is called “Aramid 1414”.

The sole of the 07-type tactical black jungle boots is assigned with "Aramid 1414" amine fiber stab-resistant plate.

5203-6 milforce military jungle boots

It is a high-strength and high-modulus fiber with high strength, high toughness, light weight, tortuosity, corrosion resistance and flame retardancy.

In particular, its toughness is more than three times that of steel, and it can withstand repeated impacts.

The "Aramid 1414" stab-resistant plate design directly improves the protection of the 07-style military boots, allowing the military boots to better protect the soldiers' feet.

At the time, military boots from other countries did not have this design.

The 07-style tactical black jungle boots have been used in the Chinese army for 11 years.

5203-2 milforce military jungle boots

It also has some problems with durability. I think it is the reason for two aspects.

First, the problem of the military boots itself, the strength of the military boots can be increased.

In particular, the joint between the sole and the side of the upper needs to be reinforced;

Second, the intensity of use is too great.

According to the requirements of our military's existing practical training program, the training intensity of our first-line combat troops is very high.

In addition to daily diet and sleep, the officers and men are almost uninterrupted in their daily training.

In this case, the 07-style military boots are much more worn than the daily wear, and their service life is directly affected.

4101-2 milforce military boots

For the new military boots, while inheriting the advantages of the 07-style military boots, it is also necessary to address the problems that exist.

Continuously improve the overall performance of our black military boots for hiking.


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