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Choosing the Best Socks for Military Boots Ⅰ

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Many people spend hours researching how to buy the perfect boots, but few people treat socks like this.

Maybe the quality of the socks is not as important as the boots, but they also determine whether your feet are comfortable.

In this article, we will help you choose the most suitable socks for military boots based on our experience.

The most suitable socks for military boots increase comfort and increase the "wear resistance" of the boots.

Socks can help you go further, stand longer and prevent injuries.

Here are the best socks guides for military boots.

Type of military socks:

Some companies specialize in producing high quality socks for the military. One of the biggest socks manufacturers is Thorlo. They use the most common military socks classification system. The five types of military socks are:

1、Combat boots socks

Suitable for almost any terrain and climate, this sock length is to the calf. The five colors available are desert sand, coyote brown, foliage green, olive and black. This type of sock is sometimes abbreviated as MCB.

6103-2 milforce leather boots

2、Military boots socks

Also known as MB, this sock is the length of the middle calf. MB can be used for the same five colors of the MCB.

4298-2 milforce army tactical boots

3、Desert Boots socks

It is also known as MLH. This sock is suitable for hot weather. The three colors available are desert sand, coyote brown and sable.

7103-2 milforce desert boots

4、Anti-fatigue boot socks

This over-calf sock provides extra support for the legs. This anti-fatigue sock is designed for long-term field work. Because the person wearing them needs a lot of walking or standing, it is called MS, which is the best partner for men's desert boots for work. There are four colors: desert sand, green leaves, coyote brown and black.

7276 样2-2 milforce desert boots

5、Physical training socks

It is also known as MT. This is a full-length PT sock (crew-length PT sock), which has no extra decoration and can be widely used in many occasions. This sock is often used with training military desert boots.

7278-2 milforce desert boots


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