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Cheap military boots are bad? No!Good quality and cheapness really exist!

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Most people think that the quality of cheap products is generally good, and the prices of good quality products are relatively high. There are indeed many products like this, but there is a word in Chinese that is “wu lian jia mei”, meaning that it is cheap, but it has good quality. Milforce military boots are cheap and high-quality brands in military boots.

Milforce has its own military boot manufacturing facility, and all military boots are delivered directly to each customer by the company's sales department. This kind of industrial and trade integration is the most important reason for the low price of our products, which saves some expenses of the middlemen. At the same time, the quality of the military boots is also very good. The military boots produced by milforce have ISO certificates and SGS factory certifications, and they are strictly supervised from raw materials to production processes.

Our minimum order quantity is generally 500 pairs. If you have more quantity, the price of each pair will be more cost-effective. Before you place an order, we will make samples according to your requirements, but don't worry, the sample cost will deduct in the order you paid 

Our market is very widely distributed. Since our company was established in 2014, we have won the trust of more than 50 countries and regions in the world with excellent quality and affordable price. Our customers are in the military, police, security, industrial protection and other fields.

There are several military boots that are very large in our orders and long-term suppliers in various countries and regions.

4206 2-2 milforce military boots

The first is the 4206 police boots, the upper is the first layer of cowhide or the second layer of cowhide with 900D or 1000D nylon cloth, different combinations of different prices, we can customize according to your needs. The sole is made of two materials, the outsole is a non-slip rubber outer sole, and the midsole is a lightweight EVA. It has the characteristics of shock absorption and comfort. This police boots are provided to police and soldiers around the world and are one of the classic styles. 


 The 5228's jungle boots are popular in Southeast Asia. The biggest feature of jungle boots is breathable and fast drying. It is very suitable for the humid and humid climate of Southeast Asia. The upper is anti-pulling and annoying nylon cloth. There are two breathable places near the sole. The hole maximizes the circulation of the air and keeps the feet dry and comfortable. 

7279-2 milforce desert boots

Desert boots are a favorite in dry areas such as the Middle East. They are usually made of sand-colored suede and nylon cloth. The soles are made of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials to suit the terrain. Our desert boots are available in many styles and can be customized. Our professional sales staff will advise you based on your target market to help you choose the most suitable style and materials. 

1284-2 milforce office shoes

By the way, we also have a production line for fashion style office shoes, which can also be used as dress shoes. The materials are made of high quality cowhide. Goodyear seams or glue can be changed according to your needs. Whether it is Derby shoes or Oxford shoes, as long as your order quantity is sufficient, we will definitely give you a satisfactory offer. 

Welcome to order milforce boots, we will make you satisfied!


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