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​Basic knowledge about different parts of the military tactical boots

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As a professional tactical boot manufacturer, it is our responsibility to let everyone know about tactical boots. Briefly introduce the construction of the shoes:

The first is the upper

The upper is the main part of the boots. The materials it produces directly affect its weight, breathability, durability and wear/water resistance.

Here are some of the common materials for uppers:

1287-2 milforce military office boots

Full grain leather - also known as "leather", has the advantage of being abrasion resistant and water resistant. Full leather tactical police military boots are the most durable. But the disadvantage is that the breathability is not good. Full grain leather is suitable for use on rough terrain, heavy loads and long walks, as these environments test the durability and quality of the shoes. The downside may be that it is slower than synthetic materials and you may need a good boot dryer.

Split-grain leather - A composite of leather and nylon that is lighter and more breathable. This skin is very cheap, but its water resistance and wear resistance are not as good as the top layer.

7287-2 milforce army desert boots

Nubuck leather – the color is light yellow leather. Similar to suede. It has almost the same characteristics as full grain leather, but is softer and easier to process.

2101-2 milforce military work shoes

Other materials that can be used as upper materials are synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, synthetic leather...none of these materials have good durability, but they have the advantage of being lighter, drying faster, and at a higher price. Cheap. Waterproof tactical boots usually use modern synthetic materials.


They improve cushioning, act as a shock absorber and determine the overall stiffness of the boot.

They are usually made of one of two materials:

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) - feels very light. This is the most common alternative, its main function is to absorb shock, waterproof and prevent sharp objects from piercing the sole.

Polyurethane - stronger than EVA.  It is more durable but also more expensive

This is the modernization of the materials used, allowing boots to even be used for hiking - you can see some similar models listed as top female hiking shoes.


The soles of tactical boots are mostly made of rubber. Some other materials (such as carbon) may be added to provide extra stiffness, but this is less.

The Vibram sole is a high quality choice made in Italy and has almost become the industry standard. Their main benefits:

Resistant to a great number of industrial substances, Resistant to oil and slipping, Non-marking, Durable and lightweight, so if you see the yellow "Vibram" logo on the sole, it is definitely a good thing.

Some other aspects of quality tactical boots that deserve our attention are:

The pattern of the sole – a good pattern allows the outsole to have a self-cleaning function and a high friction with the ground, slowing down your speed on steep downhills

Lug Pattern – Most people don’t know what these are. I just call them crampons that are built in. They’re there for better traction or “grip”. In swampy or areas filled with debris, we want them to be smaller so They could shed all the build-up as we walk

3102-2 milforce safety shoes

Toe Protection - Many tactical boots use steel or composite toe caps to protect the front end of the foot, preventing the toes from being hit by heavy objects, which later became the industry standard in recent years.

The above is the main part of the tactical boots and points of attention, I hope to let you know more about tactical boots.


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