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2019-03.8-11 2019 IWA Exhibition

2019 IWA LOGO-2

Over the last 45 years IWA Outdoor Classics has developed into a world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities and for civilian and official security applications. 62 % of the 46,562 trade visitors in 2018 came to Nuremberg from 121 countries outside Germany and 80% of the altogether 1,562 exhibitors too. IWA Outdoor Classics offers an unparalleled international spectrum of products.

96 % of the exhibitors reached their most important target groups

92 % of the exhibitors were satisfied with the overall success of their participation

95 % of the exhibitors established new business relations

87 % of the visitors are involved in purchasing decisions in their company.

The 2019 IWA exhibition was the second time that milforce exhibited. milforce exhibited its core product, the military boots, at the exhibition, and professionally deployed exhibition booths for the classification of jungle boots, combat boots, and full leather boots. Visitors to the exhibition are also very impressive. In addition to the strong history of the milforce company, high-quality exhibits are a kind of publicity.

(↓ IWA 2019)




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