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Zippers and Venting holes, are they really useful?

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6245-2 milforce leather boots

Today,we are talking about two common accessories in military boots, Zippers and Venting holes.

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Zippers are very common in the design of military boots. Various types of military boots have zipper styles, such as police boots, tactical boots, which require users to quickly wear off military boots, zipper style is very popular,It can help users save time in wearing and detaching, and the position of the zipper is on the upper side of the shoe.

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In general, the material of the zipper is divided into a resin zipper, a nylon zipper and a metal zipper. Resin zipper teeth are made of polyester plastic by dye coloring and discharged through an injection molding machine. Nylon zipper teeth are made of nylon monofilament by heating the die to wrap the center line. Metal zipper teeth are made of copper or aluminum wire. The machine is discharged. The zipper is not expensive to manufacture and can be produced on a large scale. The well-known brand with good quality in the zipper is YKK from Japan. He is the originator of the zipper industry and represents the industry standard. Because of Japan's precise craftsmanship, raw materials and management methods, it has excellent quality, YKK's zipper is generally used in high-end clothing, outdoor products and so on, so high-quality military boots use YKK zipper generally, such military boots will not be easily opened due to zipper strong. However, YKK is expensive; its price is ten times that of other brands. The price of military boots using YKK zippers will be relatively high.

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In addition to the convenience, the zippered military desert boots make it more comfortable to wear, and the military boots are more suitable for the foot with adjustable elastic buckles

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In addition to the zipper, there are two metal holes in the inner lower part of the military boots near the sole. What is his role? The answer is breathable, In fact, the tradition of leaving two venting holes in this part of the shoe begins with canvas basketball shoes, represented by Converse, the hole was not for ventilation or drainage at that time, and It was to let the shoelaces pass through, which can be convenient for adjusting the fit of the shoes and the feet. With the development of the footwear industry, in the field of military boots, the same position of the venting holes is for the purpose of ventilation.

With these two small holes, the airflow inside the boots can circulate, not to suffocate the feet, and keep the feet dry at all times. But because it is close to the sole, boots may not be waterproof. After all, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Zippers and vents play an important role in the composition of the military boots. Boots have both of them that are especially suitable for use in hot areas, as zippers also increase breathability. These boots tend to be lightweight, resistant to heat and comfortable. It is worth buying.


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