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What types of camouflage military boots put on in different application fields?

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It is very cost-effective to choose military boots because they are durable and wear resistant. Under the influence of MILFORCE technology, its life expectancy is almost two to three times that of sports shoes. Camouflage boots with elegant contour and tight wrap on the feet enhance the sense of domineering. Camouflage boots are real military standards, obviously improving the temperament of men. Military boots without high heel is comfortable. It does not seem to have a slightly thicker sole. This is an illusion of the eyes. Military camouflage boots are one of the boots that are used by the army, and are usually called jungle boots in the army.

It is mainly used for training, combat and combat readiness. The characteristics of military camouflage shoes are durable, abrasion resistant and comfortable. Its surface color is obsessed with camouflage color, so it is good for concealment. The use of military camouflage boots in our army is different according to the different categories of troops. The difference lies in the different colors.

5214-2 milforce jungle boots

For a forest that needs to be hidden quickly and lightly, we will recommend 5214.Tropical rain forests are the kingdom of trees. In this suitable environment, competition for light and living space is extremely strong. The special prosperity of Fujimoto and epiphytic plants is a special way of competing for space and has a great impact on forest structure. The species of animals are also rich and diverse here. Because of the warm weather and high rainfall, plants can continue to grow; causing trees to grow densely and greens.5214 is a pair of classic jungle boots. The upper is the connection of full grain cow leather and camo ripstop nylon. Camo ripstop nylon cloth is strong, elastic and easy to clean. In tropical rain forests, it not only plays a hidden role, but also does not need to be cleaned because of limited conditions. This pair of jungle boots has an air hole. Air hole increase internal air circulation and keep foot dry always in tropical rain forests.

7203 2-6 milforce desert boots

For cold and barren desert areas, military boots need to be warm and cold-resistant, and provide more comfortable support for feet. We recommend 7203.The concealment effect of desert boots in the desert is definitely better than that of black boots. Whether in the city or in the countryside, the color of the ground is yellow or gray, and the gray ground is everywhere, and the pure black ground basically does not exist. To explore these places in the desert, 7203 camouflage tactical boots can be considered. New rubber Sole is corrosion resistant, water resistant and abrasion resistant. Shoe bottom is to increase the firmness by stitching at the toe and heel parts. The upper add the camouflage waterproof cloth to match the camouflage clothing.

7239-2 milforce military dersert boots

For a complex area which is fast and not easy to be tracked by enemy, we recommend 7239 desert boots, which make the enemy ignore tracking and is lightweight,waterproofing. Special soldiers are elite soldiers. They often take on a variety of special dangerous tasks. They need to adapt to the special environment and cope with the sudden situation. They have to have human courage and excellent ability to survive in the field. So they will often take part in the outdoor survival training. Their standard wear is a suit of unified camouflage, especially is the camouflage military boots.7239 has characteristics of PU out-sole with many styles, easy to coloring and camo rips top nylon with good concealment effect.

The camouflage boots evolved from the battle boots of the field forces. Because its color closes to the color of the jungle, it always carries the charm of nature. Camouflage boots have always had a certain aura and solemnity because of the evolution of combat suits. Camouflage boots are in the adulation of the fans. Camouflage boots are also various. The role of camouflage boots is not just decoration and concealment, but also the protection of our feet. Why should we have a pair of camouflage boots and how to choose them? For different areas, we provide you with different camouflage boots. You can buy it in retail or in bulk. We will try our best to meet your request.


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