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What kind of shoes are military concierge boots?

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8201 2-7 milforce concierge bootsThe concierge boots are a special type of boots in military boots. Only the guards of honor guards and welcoming soldiers will wear them, because it is not as easy to use as general military boots, long vamps and tied ties or buckles to wrap soldiers’ calf, looks solemn and serious when paired with a uniform for the concierge. 

Most of the exquisite concierge boots are made of soft leather with a length to the knees; an upper is made of hard grained leather, and a zipper on the back and sides for easy access. Zippers are the weakest, most vulnerable part of the boot and should be cared for carefully.  Most important consideration for zipper health is to be sure nothing gets stuck in it -- particularly socks.  My preference is to employ 2 simple tools: a brass zip-it (like a stud chain with a hook) and your own index finger.  Put your finger between the back of the zipper and your leg and use your outside hand to pull the zip-it.

8203-6 milforce concierge boots

The long shoe of the concierge boots is also one of the areas that need to be carefully maintained. It uses a large area of leather. The soft leather is prone to wrinkles and slips easily. The buckle and nylon straps prevent the tube from shrinking. Will tighten the upper part of the boot, but be careful not to be too tight, it will make your legs uncomfortable. Some concierge boots are wrapped in a piece of leather to cover the calf for easy wearing and tearing. The edge of the leather is fixed with Velcro. This style is comfortable and convenient, which is a very good choice.A black military tactical concierge boots from Milforce military boots manufacturer is like this, you can choose it.

8201 2-5 milforce concierge boots

The excellent sole of the concierge boots is made of Goodyear stitching. The sole and the upper are firmly joined. The rubber sole will undergo thermal expansion and contraction when it encounters high temperature or low temperature. The seaming process can prevent the sole Separated from the upper surface. 

We produce the highest quality concierge boots to meet all your requirements, welcome to know!


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