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What are the different heights of military boots?

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Milforce was founded in 1984 in Yangzhou City, China by Mr. Tong, a professional military footwear manufacture with over 30 years’ experience. With the exquisite workmanship of the brand, the new and unique style of the product, inexpensive consumer orientation let the buyer love the foot, the excellent quality and the perfect service let you feel good in the bad environment. According to the height classification, military boots are roughly divided into three kinds. Firstly, the boot up to the ankle is the ankle boots. Secondly, the boot up to calf is the mid-calf boots. Thirdly, the boot up to knee is the knee-height boots. Different people like military boots of different heights, and of course military boots of different heights need different collocation.

4106-2 milforce tactical boots

The characteristics of the ankle boots are that they can wrap the ankles underneath. The whole looks will give a sense of convenience and lightness, and can also contain a little bit of the thick ankle. But for those with a thicker leg, these boots will highlight your leg defects. In terms of ankle boots, our company provides similar 4106 tactical boots  for explanation. The upper is made of top grain cow leather, fashionable joker and trendy small round head modify the foot line. Ankle boots is easy to wear, and wear off because of the side-zipper. The fabric upper has good air permeability and high soft comfort. Rust-proof metallic vents increase the sense of fashion. For army, we should consider not only practicality but also visual effects.

4234-2 milforce tactical boots

The mid-calf boot is the boot of medium length. The boots is often used in various styles such as mountaineering shoes, sports type, and leisure type and so on. 4234 tactical boots with zippers are designed to attract customers' eyeballs with unique zipper design and follower design. The soft touch of soft leather is also worth noticing. PU out-soles that has a characteristic of double reinforcement connection of upper and sole is fashion. PU sole’s density is low and soft, comfortable and light. The sole of PU is characterized by portability, but it is not suitable for long time to contact with water. Chemical reactions will occur after encountering water, and the corrosion will be eroded from layer to layer.

8201 2-2 milforce concierge boots

The military boot up to knee is the knee-height boots. Knee boots are usually used to block the wind, so they are usually full skin, because the leather is windshield. As far as our company is concerned,we recommend 8201 concierge boots for you. As a motorcycle enthusiast, there is a pair of professional motorcycle boots. It is simply a necessary weapon for keeping warm, handsome and safe. The back of the foot of professional motorcycle boots often have thickening treatment, because the gear needs to use feet to shift gear ,ordinary boots will wear down and wear out for a long time, and one of the most important features of motorcycle boots is wear resistance. Motorcycle boots are also designed to protect their ankles, which are better than those of ordinary shoes, forcing the ankle to displace and prevent the two damages caused by the accident.

Different styles of boots give shoppers a full display of their own charm. The decoration on boots emphasizes not only the details but also the sense of fashion. We have introduced ankle boots, mid-calf boots and knee-height boots for you. We can also customize all kinds of styles for you. Welcome your inquiry. Your demeanor can be reflected by a pair of military boots.


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