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What are the characteristics of the best-selling military boots in the French market?

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Milforce army military boots supplier produces boots needed in various applications, including desert boots, jungle boots, full-leather boots, china combat boots, officer shoes, flight boots, safety shoes, work shoes, and cavalry boots.It can ensure that you have suitable boots and shoes to wear on various occasions such as battlefield, workplace, celebration, construction site, flight, training and so on.

1243-2 milforce office shoes

France has its own different local cultures and customs. We must pay attention to the characteristics of the export military boots. Specifically, it is a process of integrating and rooting the corporate culture into the local cultural model. Our first task is to choose a good one. The product, a product with French characteristics, is supplied to the French market. So in the face of a romantic capital like France, how to design a unique and patented product is crucial and the first step to success.

1241-2 milforce office boots

The best-selling military boots in the France market have office shoes, tactical boots,desert boots and jungle boots, and these shoes are available in a variety of colors.The color of men's office shoes is the most obvious.In this market, the boot color of the Frenchman's choice of military boots is not limited to pure black and sand, but also more khaki, reddish brown, etc.The leather surface of the patent leather office shoes 1241 is shiny and highlights, and the red color is more attractive to the eye. The gluing process is relatively simple and economical. The rubber out-sole is non-slip and wear resistant.The color of reddish brown about 1243 is bright, the color of the upper is matched with black laces and white seams, which is natural and beautiful. The seamed leather out-sole is breathable and wear resistant.

4101-2 milforce military boots

Hot-selling military boot collar in FRANCE tilts downward in the angle.Exquisite manual wiring not only helps to fit the foot shape, but also facilitates more flexible activities of the calf.4101 is a pair of ankle tactical bootswith declining boot collar.Because it is ankle boots, the amplitude of the shoe can not be too large.Cushioning padded collar part provide sock mitigation for heel muscle and ligaments,make heel comfortable in mobility,escape the blister.We stitched at the toe and heel part to keep the fastness. The amplitude of desert boots 7216 is larger than tactical boots 4101.      Because of the foot protection, the boots are more comfortable, the sole toe is strengthened. 

7216 2-2 milforce desert boots

Buckle structure is convenient for taking on or off,hard to loosen.Buckle structure is an indispensable decorative design in French classic military boots.It is popular in French west Africa.Classic France full leather boots 6250 were once favored by French police and troops abroad.It is popular in French west Africa.Goodyear construction of this boots keeps fastness and breath freely.It is suitable for dry and hot weather in Africa,and the smooth skin adds aesthetics.Our company MILFROCE continues to supply Mark this model, 25,000 pairs per year.2208 and 6250 military boots are very similar in style, but the fabric is not the same, one is the work boots and the other is the desert boots.

6250-2 milforce leather boots

2208-2 milforce work shoes

French people love to play classics, whether it is a summer hot dance party or a high-end business meeting, our shoes and boots let you hold the audience at any time.The French are the most famous in the world for their attention to shoes. The so-called "Paris style" is the same as fashion and fashion in the ears of the world.


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