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The material of military boot

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Army men's tactical boots  is the best choice for soldiers. Military tactical boots are made well and durable,it can completely protect soldier’s feet. It can give people a sense of upright and high-rise, also it looks very powerful. That’s why many people love army men's tactical boots.

Skin is the state of collagen fibers in the skin when they are still in the animal body.

Leather refers to the physical and chemical treatment of animal skin, which removes the useless ingredients from the skin, and changes the chemical structure of collagen fibers in the skin, which is different from that in the animal body.Leather is soft and flexible in dry state and easy to rot in wet state.Leather is the raw material of leather. Leather is made of leather,it is a fixed term now. It refers to chemically treated leather. Now some people call natural leather as non-natural leather for short. It is to distinguish natural leather from synthetic leather.

Leather is the most commonly used natural raw material.The cowhide can be divided into several layers. The outermost layer is the scalp, with the best quality, followed by the second layer. Its strength, elasticity and air permeability are not as good as the scalp.

The scalp cortex is composed of a dense and thin fibrous layer and a slightly loose transition layer closely connected with it. It has good strength, elasticity and process plasticity.

The split leather is made by dividing the skin into two layers.It maintains certain natural elasticity and process plasticity, but its strength is poor.

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fuction:MD outsole, comfortable and light, non-slip and wear-resistant, front and rear line, increase the fastness of the upper and the sole. The side zipper is quickly worn off. Breathable eyelets keep the air circulation inside the shoe.



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