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The hot sale style of the summer desert military boots

Views: 232     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-16      Origin: Site


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Milforce is one of the suppliers of military boots for US troops and duty departments. 

Its quality is recognized by the US government and soldiers. 

Milforce has a long history and was founded in 1984. In 2006, Milforce participated in the French military trade exhibition. 

At the show, it was the only private enterprise, the competitors were nine state-owned military and trade companies, but Milforce still received orders for the entire Libyan national military boots. 

Later, the business has been getting better and better.

The above is just a simple introduction to the Milforce. 

Here's a quick introduction to Milforce Desert Boots.

Do you know desert boots? What are the characteristics of desert boots?

  1. The desert boots are very breathable, and the army will choose such military boots in some hot areas. Generally, desert boots have leach proof eyelets.

  2. Desert military boots also have drainage holes or wicking holes, Which s saves people who are prone to sweating.

  3. Desert military boots are mostly made from materials that are easy to perspire. Just like full grain leather and nylon or suede leather and nylon fabric stitching. Therefore, desert military boots are also called summer military boots.

Next, I will introduce some of Milforce’s most classic desert boots.

The first model: 7109

7109-2 milforce army desert boots


  1. Cost-effective.

  2. Both sides of the shoe have venting holes (wicking holes), which are very suitable for wearing in summer or hot areas.

  3. The fabric is relatively strong and is suede leather and nylon fabric.

  4. Boots have a three-dimensional look: The sole pattern is uneven. Upper has a side zip makes wearing easier, there are also people who don't like the design of the side zipper.

The second model: 7219



  1. It is a US military version of the tactical police military boots, is also a commonly used one in the US military. After many times of tempering and transformation, it became a classic desert military boots.  

  2. The toe cap has steel head protection for effective foot protection.  

  3. Simple design, simple design and functional compliance of military boots.

  4. Disadvantages: Military boots are more cumbersome. As we are wearing these military fans or urban casuals, many people feel uncomfortable. Of course, some professionals think that military boots should be heavier.

The third model: 7279

7279-2 milforce desert boots


  1. It is also the US Army's military boots. 

  2.  This is a high-top men military desert boots. The high-top is very soft, and the soft sponge can protect the ankle.

  3. Suitable for a variety of environmental combat boots. Such as: desert, mountain, rugged mountains and so on.

  4. The design is perfect, suitable for long-distance running.

 The fourth model: 4298

4298-2 milforce army tactical boots


  1. Black color is also a big advantage in, you can also wear black military tactical boots in the desert. In the army of fans, a large part of people like black, it should be the soldiers of the army and the uniforms of the military boots are black. 

  2. The fabric is very good, it is polished full grain leather and P-grade nylon mesh upper, which is more elaborate.

  3. Suitable for casual wear, suitable for non-professionals. Low top military boots also have the benefit.


These four military boots that can be used comfortably in the desert, they have the classic style, as well as some popular and new products in Milforce.

Among the many military boots brands, if your demand is to purchase military boots in bulk, and at the same time pursue cost-effective and service, please contact us. 

Customer needs and satisfaction are always our pursuit.      


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