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State Media confirms China to hold military parade on 3th SEP

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-10      Origin: http://english.sina.com/china/2015/0126/777173.html


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An article released by China’s state-run newspaper People’s Daily confirmed that
China is going to host a military parade this year to mark the 70th anniversary of
the victory of the anti-Fascist War on 3th SEP.
The article, named Why China is hosting military parade this year? explained the
reasons with four points: Firstly, to display China’s military power; secondly, to
demonstrate China’s determination of keeping the world order after the WWII and
to make a deterrent force against Japan; next, to enforce the solidarity of the Chinese
people by showcasing the troop’s moral; and lastly, to send a message to the corrupted
officials that the army was loyal to the party and the people.
News about China to hold a troop-reviewing ceremony in memory of the 70th anniversary
of the anti-fascist war had come out earlier from Japanese media. However, as China
has been hosting the military parade every ten years since 1984, the news didn’t arouse
much attention.
The parade was brought up again on January 24 by Hong Kong media reporting the
“two sessions” of Beijing. It reported that Fu Zhenghua, Chief of Beijing Police Department,
revealed that Beijing would host a military parade to honor the 70th anniversary of anti-Fascist
War. And Russian president Vladimir Putin is expected to attend. It would also be China’s
first military parade with the attendance of foreign leaders.

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