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MILFORCE's lightweight military boots - 7276 desert boots

Views: 236     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-02-21      Origin: Site


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As a manufacturer of military boots, MILFORCE has always been popular with customers for the production of various functional military boots. Today is the lightest boots of Milforce - 7276 desert boots.


Weighs 15.9 oz. (men’s size 9), about two-thirds the weight of traditional boots.

Quick-drying synthetic leather overlay for durability and support. Multiple ventilation zones allow the boot to breathe and drain quickly.

Genuine leather foot bed for durability, flexibility and comfort

Milforce Free-inspired outsole, designed for traction and a natural range of motion

Sticky rubber forefoot lugs for exceptional traction on all terrain.

7276 样2-5 milforce desert boots

The boots feature an ultra-lightweight sole, a non-slip rubber front and a built-in natural vibrating air cushion. The Milforce 7276 military boots are more stable and responsive. The front bottom also incorporates Kevlar material, which is puncture-proof and tear-resistant, and the ultra-cushion midsole are extra flexible to ensure a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

 7276 样2-2 milforce desert boots7276 样2-1 milforce desert boots

Milforce shoes are perfect for hot weather, breathable, quick-drying fibers that help keep your feet comfortable and sweat gland wicking materials that help guide dry out quickly. The 7262 features a quick strap system that makes wearing faster and more convenient. The upper side of the shoe is made of microfiber leather, which is tough and flexible and does not require a running-in period. Out of the box, comfort is unaffected. The sturdy outer casing creates a snug fit that prevents scratches and helps keep the water flowing out, while conveniently moving the anatomical insole with the foot and adding support and cushioning. The shoelaces are made of metal, tough and long lasting.


The milforce7276 desert boots are a pair of lightweight assault boots that are light, easy to move and can be used for running.


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