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Is your boot a tactical boot? —— Milforce

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Not all boots are made the same. Some are built for comfortable day hikes around the mall, while some are designed for ‘real use” – getting dirty, providing support and protecting your feet and ankles from the beating you’re likely to put them through as an emergency first responder.
Here are some key features of tactical boots:
• they are fast, lightweight and responsive – tactical boot needs to be an extension of your movements
• they feature cutting-edge design – but mixed with a foundation of a traditional construction process
• they provide ankle support, sole support, toe protection – all make for happy feet
• the soles are quiet – you need to move quietly in any tactical situation
• they offer oil, mud and water slip resistance – sure footing is key
• they are proven durability and ruggedness – you don’t want boots that will let you down
• they function under pressure – laces don’t break, zipper won’t catch, construction of boot won’t compromise your efforts
• the boots are a great value – yes, you have to keep budget in mind
A tactical boot is a boot that has your back, like a trusted partner you can rely on in any situation.
If you work in security, law enforcement, the military or some other aspect of public safety, you probably rely on the quality construction of your duty boots to keep you going.
At Milforce, we sell tactical boots and duty boots that we know will meet the requirements above.
But generally, a tactical boot is a boot that is designed to specifically handle the rigors of certain duties.
Our designers of tactical boots understand how the boots are going to be used in the field, on duty and in certain situations. Once the intention of use is understood, the designers use specific components and techniques to build the boots.


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