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How do different materials of military boots be protected and maintained?

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A pair of excellent military boots should not only be durable and comfortable, but also powerful and beautiful. Military boots are not only widely purchased by various national army and law enforcement departments, but also chased by military enthusiasts. Even for ordinary people, especially the young people who are coming out of the school, or just entering the society, it is a good choice to have a military boot that is nicer than a basketball shoe and not as serious as a leather shoe. Although military boots can receive various kinds of damage, they still need careful maintenance and cleaning. How to maintain and clean military boots with different materials? MILFORCE will provide you with a plan.

8203-6 milforce concierge boots

The 8203 Concierge boots is a pair of sand suede leather boots. It is troublesome to care and clean, not to be washed by water. When you take off your shoes, you can push up with the shoe brace. You can remove ash by hands and use soft brush to clean and smooth the upper vamp lightly. If there's something dirty on the upper of the military boots, you wipe it over with a wet sponge and wet the upper. The aim is to deal with water-soluble substances. After that, you shake the cleaners on the surface to remove the stains on both sides of the fiber with a rubber brush repeatedly. The dirty foam is dried with a damp sponge. You dry it in a ventilator or place it in a ventilated and dry place. Half an hour later, you put the newspaper into the shoes after the shoe is dry. And spray the renewal agent evenly at 15 cm away from the shoe. After drying, you use soft brush to brush wool again to make the color consistent. At the end, desiccant should be put into military boots to store up.

6246-6 milforce military boots

6246 military leather boots is a pair of brown cow leather boots. When wearing at ordinary times, you need to care a bit, pay attention to dust and dirt and try not to bump. If you just wear it out and do not get any oil or anything, it will not be too dirty. As long as you wipe it with damp soft cloth and take care of it by using shoe polish if such a case is encountered. If you accidentally stain your boots, you can remove them with sponge with decontamination ointment. If you are not careful with oil stains, you can drip wind medicated oil at the oil stains. After repeated erasure, you rinse it with clean water. If the oil area is too large to handle well, you'd better take it to the store and ask the master worker to deal with it.

2203-2 milforce military work shoes

2203 canvas work shoes are cleaned according to their general shoes; this may damage the life of canvas shoes. However, if they are not allowed to take care, they will be easier to be stained. How to better clean canvas shoes, let's talk about steps for reference. The first step is to wash the sole and the front part with a discarded toothbrush with detergent. The second step, the upper part of the shoe is cleaned with towels. The third step is to remove the shoelace and clean it with detergent. The fourth step is to remove the insoles and clean them with a brush. Finally, cover the canvas shoes with a layer of toilet paper. Dry in the shade.

5212-6 milforce jungle boots

5212 jungle boot is pair of top grain cow leather and nylon fabric. The care of this boots draws lessons from the connection of 6246 and 2203.

Boots need to be maintained once a week. If you think you are too hard to burn or too busy, you try the shoe beauty center in the mall. MILFOFCE throws out a suggestion that you don’t wear the same pair boots for more than 3 days continuously, because your boots need to be breathable to get a longer life. Clean your boots before you put your boots in shoe box. You’d better put them in a ventilated place for 1-2 days, so that it's not easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria and mites. After shoeshine your boots, don't forget to put your paper in your boots to keep your boots in perfect shape. MILFOECE hopes you can get what you want to know from it.


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