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Gold supplier

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Milforce Equipment Co.,ltd. is a gold supplier of military boots established in 1984 and has earned good reputation as a premium company known for high quality, advanced process and various innovations. We pride ourselves on being able to offer various men military boots including army boots, combat boots, tactical boots, ranger boots, officer shoes, desert boots, tactical boots,police boots,safety shoes and so on.

We are good at Goodyear construction, vulcanized construction, PU injection and cementing, we have strict orgnization to control quality of raw materials, produce processing and finishing of goods.
Our customers are all over the world 
and own a good reputation, for example USA, UK, France, Jordan, Bhutan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kenya, South Africa ...
We develop many new designs and functions of boots every year, and attend some international defence Exhibitions in America, Germany, UAE and France to learn from other countries.

We are going to attend
 IDEX in Abu Dhabi 22-26 Feb, 2015 . Our stand is 12-C52. Welcome to have a visit.


Professional Military Boots Manufacturers —— Since 1984
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