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Clean Leather Boots--Chapter 1--Performing Routine Cleaning

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  1. 1.Pick a good spot for cleaning. Choose someplace you don’t mind getting a little wet and dirty. Try your garage, the back or front porch, or a room in your house that has linoleum or tile flooring. If you stay inside, you may want to lay down some newspapers.
  2. 2.Remove any laces. Before you begin cleaning, untie the laces of your boots and remove them from the shoes. They could get in the way or keep you from reaching all the nooks and crevices of the boots.
  3. 3.Brush off any dirt with a soft brush. Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching the leather. Gently brush the entire surface of the boots. This should remove most dust, dirt, and even some light stains.
  4. 4.Use leather cleaner for all leather except suede. Most leather boots can be cleaned with typical leather cleaners. You can buy leather cleaner at shoe stores, hardware and tack shops, or online.If your boots are made by a particular designer or brand, they may make their own cleaners. While typical leather cleaner should also work, you can choose to go with the retailer’s recommendation.
  5. 5.Use a special brush to clean suede shoes. Suede shoes can’t get wet and should not be cleaned with normal leather cleaners. Go online or to a shoe store to find a suede shoe brush. Rub the brush over the boots to clean them.
  6. 6.Dampen a cloth or brush to clean with leather soaps. Some leather cleaners, including saddle soap, come in soap form. To use this type of cleaner, rub a damp cloth over the soap. Then make a light lather by rubbing the sides of the cloth together.Use a soft cloth such as a cut-up cotton t-shirt. You can also use a very soft-bristled brush.The cloth should be damp, not wet. If it’s dripping with water, you need to squeeze out some excess liquid.
  7. 7.Pour liquid leather cleaners onto a damp cloth. You can also find liquid leather cleaners. Pour a small amount (no more than a small circle) of liquid onto a dampened cloth. Rub the sides of the cloth together to make a light lather.Liquid cleaners sometimes leave a bit of residue on leather, so you may want to try soap cleaners first.
  8. 8.Rub the cleaner into the leather. Use your lathered cloth to clean the leather by moving across the entire surface of the boots in small circular motions. This should remove any remaining dirt and grime from your boots.Be sure to lift any tongues or flaps on your boots to get into little crevices. If your boots are knee-highs, clean the entire top part of the boots as well.
  9. 9.Wipe the shoes down with a dry cloth. Leather cleaner is designed to soak into the leather. You don’t need to rinse it off. Simply use a dry cloth to wipe down the shoes, removing any lather and dirt.Use another soft cloth. Cotton t-shirts work best.


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