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Can you wear full leather boots with civilian clothes?

Views: 143     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-10      Origin: Site


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The neutral and handsome military boots have not been eliminated by the fashion circle in these years. In this season, there are many star hipsters who love military boots very much.What kind of pants do you wear with military boots?Military boots have extended from the special boots of the military to people's daily lives, and have been loved by many boys. Not only is it durable and wearable, it is suitable for running and jumping. The unique appearance of the military boots is full of toughness and domineering temperament, which is one of the important reasons for its popularity.However, the matching of full leather boots is a difficult problem.

If a man's coat can be worn for a winter, then a pair of military boots can be worn for a year. And this kind of dirty and hip-hop feeling can be a must-have weapon for straight men . The collocation of army coat, striped shirt, white slacks and dark military boots 6213, ice and fire two-day British gentleman style, suitable for long-legged light art boys.Men's red brown tactical leather boots 6213 has red-brown body with three joints design, increase the aesthetics. Goodyear technology for these boots is not only to ensure the firmness, but also take into account the breathability.

6213-2 milforce military leather boots

Military full leather boots match straight-leg casual pants, the trousers are remembered to fold to the neck of the shoes, otherwise it will show not fashionable. And gorgeous color is to match the dark military boots. The upper body is also very nice with a denim or casual jacket. The loose-fitting casual pants are suitable for stuffing the trousers into the boots so that they don't look too short. If your pants are stacked, it is best to choose the same color system, even a short boy can wear very good.

6289-2 milforce leather boots

A clean pair of jeans is also a must-have item for boys to play with, MILFROCE dares to say that many boys have a kind of gas field since they put on jeans. With military boots, the hems which roll one sides is a necessary way for boys to enhance their cool look.Of course, it’s not necessary to say that the leg length is long. The boys are advised not to buy boots that are too high in the boots, so that the trousers are not folded so long, but they also shorten the proportion of the whole body. We recommend Khaki high quality military chukka leather boots 6289 or Ritual ankle leather military full leather boots 6288,these two styles are similar,but there is the difference in color.

6288-2 milforce leather boots

Dark jeans look calmer with dark military boots. The upper body can be worn with a casual suit and coat, and it won't be awkward; it can be worn with a casual jacket or a Parker coat.Ouba who has long legs should not despise his long legs, the winter collocation of military boots, jeans, trousers, Parker coats and the scarf is the Korean style.

In the past two years, the wave of holes has not cooled down. Many people like to wear a pair of jeans. Passing through the ripped jeans of hip-hop street culture, and hitting the military boots, the heroic spirit  overflows.


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