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Armed police troops have new training shoes

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-10      Origin: Site


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BEIJING, July 20 (ChinaMil) -- All the service persons in the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (APF) will put on their new training shoes in late July. Compared with the aged green cloth cover rubber overshoes, the new training shoes are more good-looking like sports shoes.

The new training shoes are made with five advanced technologies and one patent, and can better meet officers and soldiers’ training and operational requirements, for example, in running, jumping and climbing, according to sources.

The new training shoes have better wear resistance with double-density shoe soles. The highly elastic insoles enhance cushioning and effectively reduce fatigue of the foot. The hemp is added into the textile of the new training shoes, which is permeable to air and sweat.

Sergeant Qi Wenlong from a unit of the APF Beijing Contingent told PLA Daily that the new training shoes just make him run with more ease.

Before finalizing the design of the new training shoes, the designers had organized armed police troops to try on nearly 10,000 pairs of the shoes and solicited opinions from them for the improvement.


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